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Experience the ultimate ease of creating your own dating app with!

Focus on promoting your unique dating brand while we take care of customer care, conversion, billing, and software management on our cutting-edge platform. The best part? We share the revenue collected with you, ensuring a profitable partnership that lets you thrive in the dating industry.

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Shared database

Access to our existing database of members provides your users with over 60 million people to choose from.

Our unique matching algorithm will instantly help your users find exactly what they are looking for…and avoid what they don’t want.

women stretching on a couch
women stretching on a couch

No development for you

We provide all the technology and services needed to run your dating Progressive Web App.

Compared to developing your own app from scratch, we condense those 2 years of development work into just a few hours!

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Evolving features

As the leading provider of dating apps, we release new features and improvements to the underlying platform every 2 weeks.

This means you will always be providing your users with an experience that is always evolving in line with the latest technologies and dating app best practices.

locked chain with a success tick
locked chain with a success tick

Safety features

Dating involves processing highly sensitive personal information.

Our platform is protected by best-practice security and anti-fraud measures and covered by up-to-date privacy policies appropriate for each market we operate in.

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Moderation and customer care

Ensure user safety with our comprehensive moderation system.

Our proactive 2-step AI and human moderation constantly monitor user activities, posts, and shared information, guarding against catfishing, scams, and inappropriate behavior. Plus, our dedicated customer care team provides round-the-clock support in English and Spanish, creating a trustworthy and secure dating environment for your users.

credit card in hand
credit card in hand

Global payments and subscription management

We offer your users flexible pricing in 17 different currencies Worldwide.

In addition, our support & retention teams manage all user subscriptions so you can focus on growing your business.

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Detailed reporting with faster payout

We provide you with live dashboards of data for all of your dating brands to ensure you have the maximum profits from your marketing efforts.

We pay you faster than an App Store would do and we also take care of all of the boring stuff like accounting and local taxes.

Discover the freedom to make money from anywhere with our game-changing AI tool.

Break free from traditional constraints and tap into boundless opportunities.

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