01. What are the benefits of establishing a brand with Hubpeople.ai?

Creating a brand through Hubpeople.ai offers a completely risk-free approach to tap into a user base of 70 million individuals. We provide internal moderation, risk analysis, reliable payment solutions, and dedicated development support. Additionally, users can easily download your app using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, allowing you to focus solely on marketing and selling your product.

02. Do I need to invest a lot in the beginning to build up my app member count?

We provide a pre-populated member database for you, meaning that members will have plenty of other suited members to interact with from day one! You don’t have to worry about your traffic landing in an empty member pool.

03. What can I do once I create an account on HubPeople.ai?

You will be able to create and customise your dating or social app and view the performance of your brand. You will have complete visibility of registrations and the subscription revenues you have earned.

04. What is a 'Founder Account'?

The Founder Account feature grants you the ability to create articles, polls, and exercise moderation privileges such as deleting comments or removing users who are not pertinent to your site.  Just create a profile on your site using the same email address you used to register for hubpeople.ai and your 'Founder' badge will be visible for all to see on the platform!

05. Will it cost me to become a Founder?

No. Once you have paid for your domains it costs you nothing, your money will be spent purely on the marketing!

06. Where do I market?

You can choose to market your dating brand through a variety of channels, e.g. paid social media ad campaigns; Google Ads, Bing Ads, influencer marketing, SEO and content marketing. Play to your strengths and skill set or if you aren’t sure, speak to our team who can guide you on this.

07. How much money will I make?

We split all revenue 50/50% (after bank processing fees and sales taxes deducted). We, at Hubpeople.ai, look after all subscription management, product updates (every 2 weeks!), security, customer care and support.

08. How often can I expect payout?

We collect everything and deliver as a single payment directly into your bank account each month.


Below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions you may have about HubPeople.ai. From how to make edits to acquiring a domain, we’re here to help. If you have any other questions about our product, then please send an email to accountmanagers@hubpeople.ai

01. Can I edit and modify the content?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to edit and modify your brand's content at any time. Just click on the 'Edit' button or the toggles in each block to make changes to text and upload new images. For a fresh perspective, you can also use the shuffle button or click on "Copy AI prompt" to generate prompts for other content generation AIs like Chat GPT.

02. Can I upload my own images?

Certainly! You can upload your own images whenever you like. Simply navigate to the edit menu and select the image you wish to change. Alternatively, you can use the toggle buttons provided in each block.

03. Am I able to change the logo?

Yes, you have the option to upload a new logo at any point. Just head to 'My Brands', click on 'more details', and scroll down until you find the fields for uploading your logo. Additionally, you can also update your favicon and app logo.

04. Is it possible to remove blocks from my landing page?

Yes, you can delete blocks to remove them from your landing page. Keep in mind, once deleted, the previous content cannot be recovered. If you're seeking new ideas, you can also use the shuffle button.

05. Why can’t I generate my niche idea?

While we offer a wide range of niches, some ideas are unique and we're continuously working to generate content for new ones. If you're still keen on creating your specific idea, please reach out to us and we'll explore how we can assist in its implementation.

06. Where can I acquire a domain? Do you provide domain hosting?

To secure a domain, you'll need to make a purchase from a domain registration site of your choice (e.g. GoDaddy). Utilise the site’s search function to check if your desired domain is available, and then follow the site's instructions to complete the purchase.

07. How do I link a domain?

Once you've obtained your domain, you'll need to direct it to our servers by creating a CNAME record. Log into the control panel of your domain registration site, locate the DNS settings, and find the option to add a CNAME record. Enter "www" and then "app.hubpeople.ai". After making these changes, remember to save them. You'll also need to copy and paste your domain into our tool for it to function effectively.

08. How can I access the app and members area?

To access the app, you'll first need to create an account. Simply click on "Sign Up" from your own landing page, and follow the registration process as if you were looking for a potential connection. This is the easiest way to experience your app and get a sense of what your users will enjoy once registered.

09. Can I customise the app?

The app will come pre-built and tailored to your community. With a Founders Account, you can contribute your own content such as articles, events, polls, etc. You'll also have the ability to manage your community by handling tasks like removing members, comments, posts, and more.